How One Entrepreneur’s Hustle Secured His Future As A Game Developer In The U.S.

How One Entrepreneur’s Hustle Secured His Future As A Game Developer In The U.S.

There is something beautiful about the spirit of the hustle. The take charge, get it done mentality, with the drive to just go-go-go.

Earlier this afternoon, I was talking with my friend in Tel Aviv about Israeli culture. He shared with me how the people relentlessly go after what they want–work, relationships, renting an apartment, etc. Often, resources are limited and the atmosphere is competitive so the only way to get ahead is to fight for it; go after it or someone else will win.

Unlike life in the U.S., the hustle for some young professionals in Israel is not a choice. It is a hustle out of necessity and survival.

My Israeli friend had been living in California for the last few years and was just sent back to Tel Aviv after no longer being able to extend his visa. Now he’s back to the hustle, working his way through the system to obtain another visa and be able to resume his life in the U.S. again.

My friend is not alone in this reality.

Aradhya Malhotra, founder of Skyless Games, faced a similar situation just last year. Arad, a 2016 30 Under 30 honoree and an immigrant from India, moved to the U.S. 8 years ago. Even after going to college here and starting a company that designs video games to promote social causes, he was faced with an expiring visa and would have to leave behind everything he had created.

Arad shares all of the details in this week’s podcast episode.

Instead of giving up, Arad decided to fight the system and took U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) head on. With the support of several friends and community members, Arad was awarded one of only a small amount of special category work visas reserved for “Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement” that exist in the world.

In the face of a threat that would keep him from creating what he was passionate about, he chose not to succumb to fear and instead claimed his power to do something about it.

On the surface, the chances of getting one of the few visas that would allow him to stay were incredibly slim. He knew he had a mission to carry out so he chose to defend it and was able to convince the people who said he had to leave to see the value in his staying.

Arad’s story demonstrates that you don’t ever have to accept a reality that you don’t want. By believing in your own vision, you can pave a new path for success where it didn’t seem possible. And who knows, the people who were doubting you might just become your biggest supporters.

Here are seven reasons why should never settle for less than what you want:

You never know what will happen next. If Arad hadn’t challenged his deportation, he never would have made the 30 Under 30 list and attained the success that resulted from his staying. Stay in the game, the outcome will often surprise you.
You always have a choice. When it seems you are stuck in a difficult situation, you always have the power to choose to stand up for yourself. Don’t underestimate how far raising your voice and utilizing your resources can take you.
It builds character. After winning his visa, Arad became recognized in the immigrant entrepreneurial community and serves as inspiration for others. Sometimes the experiences you encounter are meant to mold you into a greater leader.
The world needs you. Arad’s company is helping change the world one social cause at a time. Had he settled, the world would be missing out on the positive impact he is making. The actions you take create a ripple effect of impact on others.
You set a new standard. By choosing yourself, you help redefine the standard for dealing with obstacles and empower others to do the same.
It’s fun. Even though the hustle can be tiring it’s also exciting. Every day, millions of individuals hustle to make their dreams possible, and aren’t willing to take no for an answer. Stay present and enjoy the process.
You have nothing to lose. Even if you don’t get the outcome you had hoped for, you can’t lose. When you fight for what you want, you gain confidence and experience what it is like to really stand behind what you believe in.

This article was originally published on Forbes