Feeling Unproductive at Work? Here’s Why

Feeling Unproductive at Work? Here’s Why

With the average Millennial consuming nearly 18 hours worth of media content daily, it’s no surprise Millennials struggle with unproductivity and difficulty focusing at work.

In 2017, the digital stratosphere is expanding at a quantum rate, and it’s cluttering our lives and workspaces.

If you’re feeling unproductive, chances are you’re experiencing information overload. I’m talking about the mindless scrolling through social feeds and the bottomless consumption of content our generation is addicted to.

It’s a fact that the human brain can only handle so much information—when it exceeds capacity, the prefrontal cortex shuts down and leads to impaired focus that sabotages work efforts.

As a general rule of thumb, the more you try to do, the less you’ll accomplish. If you truly want to be more productive, the solution isn’t to do more… it’s to do less.

That’s the foundation of the million-dollar practice one New York City consultant has built. Meet Omar Hassam, founder of Success Accelerators, a brand-building agency for Millennials that generates on-demand revenue surges using simple strategies. In just 90 days, Hassam skyrocketed one client’s revenue to $1 Million.

This week on Unconventional Life, I interviewed Hassam about clearing distraction and maximizing productivity.

Below, Hassam shares his counterintuitive method to accelerate success by doing less: