Ep282: Putting a Price on Your Passion with Marketing Expert Sarah Dann

Ep282: Putting a Price on Your Passion with Marketing Expert Sarah Dann

We dream of a career built on passion and profession – making it big while doing something we love. While it’s much easier said than done, Marketing Expert, Sarah Dann, believes that the payoff is worth the effort.

Sara Dann is an entrepreneur and business consultant who has built a multi-million dollar business dedicated to helping women monetize their brilliance over the past nine years.

Through her group programs, digital courses, 1:1 coaching, as well as her podcast, You’re Fucking Welcome she has helped thousands of women learn how to combine strategy with soul to create successful businesses.

Looking back at what she’s been through, she tells us, “I believe in what I do and I’m not sorry and in fact, you’re lucky to be paying me.”

Honing her expertise for the past nine years, Sarah dedicates herself to helping women realize their business potential by combining strategy and soul to monetize their brilliance.

“I started my business to help women make money doing what they love, to live that unconventional life and actually enjoy their careers, enjoy their businesses.”

Supporting a business’ growth almost came as second nature for Sarah, but starting her career, she had learned that being prim-and-proper wasn’t always the right way to go. And with so many people wanting to get into the coaching scene, she makes it a point that growth should come while staying authentic.

“I think in life and in business, it’s a situation where the more we experience things, and the older we get, the freer we feel to just simply be ourselves and we’re okay with who likes it and who doesn’t.”

“Transparency and authenticity and people actually caring about what they do feel like the biggest and most important trend there is.”

From her humble beginnings, deciding to ask for more money for her expertise was a turning point for Sarah as it assured her that she was on the right path to making a conventional living out of her passion. 

“As I got more confident to say no, as I got more confident to own my worth, and you know to ask for more money, it’s just kind of evolved and grown into what I feel is who I was always supposed to be essential in the first place.”

Overall, Sarah emphasizes how living life while staying true to yourself—and sticking to your original plans—often brings in the best results.

“It means not settling for the norm, allowing yourself to really honour what you want and go after it.”

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