Ep276: Making the Most Out of Your Mistakes, With Vocal Coach Arden Kaywin

Ep276: Making the Most Out of Your Mistakes, With Vocal Coach Arden Kaywin

The struggle for self-improvement is not an easy task. We try our hardest to be the best at what we do, gathering as much knowledge and tools as we can just to be a little better than we were yesterday. However, we sometimes feel as though we’re not getting the results we want and often end up stuck in a slump. Singer-songwriter Arden Kaywin believes that this sense of not-enoughness comes from our lack of mindfulness.

The renowned songstress and vocal coach make it a point that the real problem isn’t in the small mistakes we make, but in the lack of foundation. As a performer, technique and artistry are essential, but to be connected and impactful requires mindfulness.

Arden says that “The mind is the thing that can—and will—sabotage all the rest of it [technique and artistry], if not addressed.” A person could have the best training and it still wouldn’t matter if we lack the proper mindset.

Having been with experienced and inexperienced singers alike, Arden knows that the mastery of techniques is not enough. To break through the blocks that prevent you from performing at a consistent and satisfying level, she emphasizes the need for meditation and mindful practice, even for non-artistic industries. 

She compares traditional training to a rocket ship where you add new technology to it, but it would never launch if it lacks fuel.

“They’re not able to breakthrough in their career, they’re not able to quit that side job, they’re not able to do it sustainably, and yet they’ve been in voice lessons every week for years of their life. And the reason why is because this rocket, it’s got all this kick-ass technology in it, but no fuel.” 

This fuel is what she calls the Soul Piece or the purpose of a person called to do, partnered with the right mentality.

She makes it clear that we have to acknowledge our emotions, thoughts, and fears because as she puts it “In trusting those blocks, not only do you get the sound that you want, but then you’re empowered to move forward, much more powerfully on this journey with not just your voice, but with anything else you’re doing”.


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