Ep268: Creating a New Identity, with Holistic Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist Melissa Kathryn

Ep268: Creating a New Identity, with Holistic Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist Melissa Kathryn

We know ourselves more than anyone, and often we need to be reminded to take our time to listen to our own thoughts. In our talk with Certified Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist Melissa Kathryn, she takes us for a quick meditation session and guides us to “let the answers in” as our conscious thoughts step back and we ask our bodies about how to solve our fears.

Melissa shares with us the MK method which she has been following and teaching people in order to change their lives, whether it be an issue with weight, diet, or general emotional and trauma healing. She describes it as a holistic approach that really strikes a problem to its core.

“MK method is about creating a new identity and understanding what your gaps are,” Melissa said, “something that I teach is where there’s lack, you’ll fill the gaps with x. [For example] where there is lack, you’ll fill the gaps with food. So, wherever we experience lack within ourselves, and within our thinking and within our being, knowing that we’re not enough now, we will end up filling those gaps with whatever it is.”

For Melissa, change isn’t simply about education and health, it’s also about empowerment; she points out that our actions are dictated by our minds and these decisions affect our body and how we live our lives. Sharing her own story, Melissa notes that even as a nutritionist she still bounces back to unhealthy routines.

“I got the weight back at the same length of time I took to get it off,” she says “so clearly something’s missing. And I was just on the floor of my New York City apartment, binging on Quest Bars, felt sick to my stomach. I was like why would I do this to myself? This clearly [shows] I don’t love myself because I’m putting myself in pain and I’m not living my best life.

“I started really looking at my mind and started realizing that all of this had nothing to do with food but my relationship to myself and my mindset.”

She shares that the beauty of her work is when she gets to empower women through her coaching and her story of surviving cancer but she notes that people also need to realize that they can look within to find their own answers and be their own inspiration.

“You don’t need an astrological reading to tell you that your desires on your heart are meant for you,” she stresses, “you got to give yourself permission to live your best life now.”

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