Ep261: How To Book Big Names Into Your Podcast, with Command Your Brand Media founder, Jeremy Ryan Slate

Ep261: How To Book Big Names Into Your Podcast, with Command Your Brand Media founder, Jeremy Ryan Slate

Other than it’s time-consuming advertisements and often mediocre content, there are more and more reasons why a lot of us are turning away from the television. One of those is that in today’s advancing digital access and almost production-level free software, almost anyone can host their own “TV Show” and make an Oprah Winfrey of themselves with a computer, internet, and some recording hardware.

However, with everyone racing to get the most views and internet traffic it’s easy to get buried by the sheer number of digital influencers who’ve had a head start. So how can you catch up to this fun and lucrative use of online media?

Before Jeremy Ryan Slate was dubbed a Top Influencer by Forbes, the young Oxford graduate made money through some handy-man jobs, before teaching at a high school. Now he hosts the Create Your Own Life podcast that studies people of excellence, and the Command Your Brand Media that helps businesses optimize their PR strategy. Here are three tricks he shared with us to increase your reach and audience.

The First 24 Hours Make The Biggest Mark

Starting out in podcasting as an unpopular person, Jeremy knew that he needed to come in guns blazing—getting every person he could find to subscribe.

“When I started out, I knew that one of the major things that ranks a podcast is the number of subscribers you can get in a 24-hour period in ratio to the number of current subscribers that you have,” he noted, “so right out of the gate, I was really pushing everybody that I noticed to subscribe—I was pushing for reviews, too, but they don’t really have much influence on your ranking if any at all. So really I was pushing as many people as I could to subscribe, and that really pushed us to have 10,000 listens in our first 30 days.”

Know What Makes You Different

It’s easy to get lost in trends and copy the styles that work, but Jeremy stressed that you should have a reason for what you’re doing. It should be clearly defined what your podcast talks about, what your channel is used to, and what a viewer can expect from your platform.

There is an audience for everybody but it’s key to start somewhere that people already like, then grow more defined as you go along.

“My show started as something for people creating life on their own terms,” Jeremy said, “and it’s gone gradually too, how do you be extraordinary and be world-class at that. So you kind of continue working on that [your show’s initial reason] to get there.”

Content is King

Being a regular “Joe Nobody,” Jeremy was counting on the fame and quality of his guests to carry and grow his podcast. To do this he made a list of 100 people that he admired and created an intense system of follow-ups that ensured every guest was there to make the most of every episode.

“I created a Google Sheet, without all the names, emails, phone numbers anything I could find”, Jeremy emphasized, “and I created a follow-up system where I basically reached out to all these people day one by writing individual emails to them. It took me about eight hours which was pretty nuts, and I followed up with him every 30 to 60 days. The first person I reached out to was Seth Godin and he said ‘No, but when you get to 400, we’ll do it,’ and he was Episode 400 of the show.

It was this consistency and dedication to the show that earned Jeremy his place in iTunes Top 100 and the number spot in the business category. Jeremy noted that even American entrepreneur Dave Asprey found time for his show after half a year of follow-ups.

This intense dedication to the show’s subscribers is also reflecting in Jeremy’s ad campaign strategy, which he shares with us, that utilizes Retargeting Ads, a formula for making viral 30-second videos, and even noting the relevance of LinkedIn—a relatively smaller social media site with a more professional audience—to extend his reach and promotion of the show.

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