Ep255: How Stress and Disempowerment Can Lead the Body Out Of Balance and Into A Disease with Elizabeth Gaines

Ep255: How Stress and Disempowerment Can Lead the Body Out Of Balance and Into A Disease with Elizabeth Gaines

Feeling tired lately that couldn’t be remedied by sleep? Are you feeling demotivated even after taking a great vacation? This episode could be the answer to that. 

Elizabeth Gaines is a Functional Health Practitioner and Burnout Recovery Expert that specializes in understanding how stress and disempowerment lead the body out of balance and into a disease. 

Certified through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Elizabeth combines lab testing that analyzes the body’s core systems with holistic lifestyle changes to bring about long-lasting and personalized healing to her clients. She believes symptoms often don’t have a clear relationship to their root cause. 

Her role is not to mitigate symptoms but rather to partner with her clients to create health. Driven by a belief that health is the ultimate form of self-love, she empowers people to heal themselves with a wealth of personalized information and insight, in-depth support and accountability. These are all the tools needed to reclaim energy and tackle the root cause of health issues.

When Elizabeth was struggling with Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Dysfunction, she was dismissed by doctors and told she was clinically depressed. She had to develop vital self-love and a deep inner knowing to advocate for herself and find answers to restore her body’s deficits. She believes robust health should be a human right, and her passion is to help people return to their naturally vibrant state of being.

“Getting in touch with our health is actually the highest form of self-love.”

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Getting in touch with your health as the ultimate form of self-love
  • The factors that compromise our ability to fully understand when our body is suffering
  • When do you know you are in the state of burnout?
  • Solutions you can incorporate in your day to day life
  • What are functional health and adrenal fatigue?
  • The significance of her work for you
  • Micro changes that can help reframe and shift your everyday life to a healthy lifestyle

More from Elizabeth

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