EP: 209 The Hidden Power of Every Person Around You, with Carl Shephard

EP: 209 The Hidden Power of Every Person Around You, with Carl Shephard

There is a saying ‘You are the sum of the 5 people around you.’ By proxy, you will likely start to pick up the behaviors and habits of who you spend time with. So who do you surround yourself with, and do they encourage you to grow and become your ideal version of yourself? Gaining new knowledge and being consistently inspired by the people around you can drastically enhance the course of your life. 

However, sometimes it’s tough to find time in an already busy schedule to go out to meet and connect deeply with the people you are really searching for. Work, family and previous commitments are all too common of hindrances that stand between us and the person we want to become. Sometimes, we need to break the pattern, break the habits, and dive right into an experience that completely redefines and aligns who we are, for the better.

This week on the Unconventional Life show is Carl Shephard, Carl shares how the people you choose to simply spend time with will alter the course of your life.  Plus the release of an exciting new venture called EntrepreneurShip.

Carl is the founder of Insider Expeditions, Co-Founder of CNS Global Advisors, curator of 500 international experiences across 7 continents and two-time circumnavigator but beyond all of that he seems to be the living embodiment for the art of collaboration. 

Carl is a man who really dreams big, which is why he has curated The EntrepreneurShip event sailing out of Rome this summer. The event is bringing together 500 innovators, leaders, artists and entrepreneurs together for 5 days aboard the Seabourn Encore, a luxury ship cruising the Mediterranean Sea. 

This vision for this event is built upon connection and inspiration.  The idea is to connect different communities together to collaborate at a larger level for social good and global impact. The event is meant to be a catalyzing ecosystem where one conversation has the power to inspire, realign and evolve you to the greatest version of yourself. 

One of Carl’s favorite quotes is “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” He would always choose to be a “small fish in a super interesting, colorful, magical pond,” which is great unconventional wisdom. So often we are taught to be the ‘big fish’ and be at the top of the ranking or game but what if you just kept jumping ponds.  You would be able to surround yourself with and collaborate with people who would continue to move the needle further in your life. Carl believes that to get to the next level is only possible with collaboration, different perspectives, and more experiences. 

On the ship are people from all different types of nationalities and cultures, big industries, small companies, seasoned entrepreneurs, artists and people who are wanting to start a new venture or want to do something creative. A few of the organizations and people that are behind this movement include; Daybreaker, Entrepreneurs Organization, Maverick 1000, LiveItUp, guest speakers such as Mark Hyman, Rahda and Miki Agrawal, Julianne Hough with performances by the Human Experience and Gone Gone Beyond and that is just a few.   If you are looking to uplevel your life and business then this is definitely the event to join, where one conversation, one perspective shift at dinner, or one workshop can inspire you to new heights while living your best life 😉

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