Ep:194 From Pain to Purpose, with founder of the Inner Glow Circle, Katie Depaola

Ep:194 From Pain to Purpose, with founder of the Inner Glow Circle, Katie Depaola

Katie DePaola is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Inner Glow Circle. She built her business from her bathtub, taking the company from a self-funded startup to a million-dollar business. The road to 1 million wasn’t exactly smooth… exactly 100 days after opening her business, Katie’s brother died from an accidental overdose and she had a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. 

Between business meetings, she cried, punched her pillow and made deals with God. She knew giving up was not an option. 

The trials in her life that could easily have caused her to shrink away, or give up on dreams, but instead she chose to grow and continue to glow even though times were dark and difficult. 

Katie turned her greatest challenges into her greatest opportunities. She’s rebranding resilience, showing women how to use their challenges as a platform to better the lives of others and build profitable businesses.

 “I worked hard to save my business, but in the end, my business saved me,” Katie says. Her business was the giant gift she gave herself but hadn’t even realized.

In this episode, Katie shares;

  • Her journey to 7 figures and why giving up wasn’t an option
  • Why solo-preneurship didn’t work for her and what she did to build a legacy
  • How traversing a non-linear and imperfect path is actually perfect! 
  • Why marketing is the breath of the business 
  • How to keep people engaged in a subscription service
  • What an Unconventional Life means 


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