Ep 247: Picture This: A Dad and Daughter Duo Filling Our Hearts with Hope and Joy Through Their Music with Mat and Savanna Shaw

Ep 247: Picture This: A Dad and Daughter Duo Filling Our Hearts with Hope and Joy Through Their Music with Mat and Savanna Shaw

How often do you hear a dad and daughter singing, not just in one song but in an entire album? 

Mat and Savanna Shaw are a daddy-daughter duo from Utah that rose to prominence during the COVID-19 quarantine. Savanna, eager to keep in touch with her music friends, started a music social media account. Usually, a shy and private teenager, she was nervous about singing her first song by herself, so she asked her dad to join her in singing “The Prayer.”

What started as an ordinary day of singing for Savanna and a day of gardening for Mat turned out to be a fateful one.

Their video went viral, and the duo continued releasing duets on social media and streaming platforms, charting in both the US and UK. They have since appeared on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and more.

“In whatever you do, just be real, be yourself and people will love you for it.”

Story Behind Picture This

Savanna played the harp for six years before deciding to focus on her voice. She has always loved singing, humming tunes nonstop around the house–though her shyness kept even some of her closest friends unaware of her talents until her videos went viral.

Mat also grew up singing. He sang in High School and College but set aside his performing aspirations to start his real estate career and his family.

The song Picture This tells how that one moment of courage, making that first step towards your dreams that always seemed scary and uncomfortable, can make a huge difference. Both are so grateful that through each other, they have found their voices.

Mat and Savanna’s uplifting song choices and harmonies have inspired people all over the world. Intending to share hope and spread joy through their music, they released their first album last October 23 called Picture This.

“That is what music has become for us, an opportunity to share hope and spread joy. I think that everybody can find their ways to do that, and I think that as you do that, you’ll find that you fill your own heart, with that same hope and joy that you try to spread in others.”

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