Ep 244: SV Delos: Sailing The World with Brian Trautman

Ep 244: SV Delos: Sailing The World with Brian Trautman

I’ve done many interviews, but I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone LIVE from their sailboat!

Our guest for today’s episode embodies what unconventional living is. For the past ten years, they’ve traveled the oceans powered by only the wind and the sun on their 53” sailboat named SV Delos. Living off the grid majority of the time, they make their own electricity, water, and even moonshine on board!

Brian Trautman, along with his brother, Brady, wife Karin, and two kids, have sailed to 40 countries spanning six continents, crossing the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans in the process, and have traveled enough miles to circle the globe three times. 



“There’s been a lot of decision points in my life, and I found that the ones that were the most rewarding are the ones that put the biggest pit in my stomach.”


The Key To Keeping Your Community Engage and Committed

  • Consistency. Continually releasing videos engaging the audience by telling a story so that people become vested in you as a character.
  • Hard work & Patience. It can take years before you can grow your audience to size or become financially sustainable.
  • Be Genuine & Passionate. Find a niche that you want to make, not what others might be interested in.

The Trautman’s continue to document their travels through a series of videos they film and edit themselves.

Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • How their incredible lifestyle started
  • How he reframed his frame of orientation
  • How they fund their adventures through a mixture of income from crowdfunding and social media
  • What a typical family day looks like living in a boat
  • Weird questions asked by their audience and strange things they’ve tried
  • How he met the love of his life while sailing.


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