Ep 238: What It Takes To Win Fast in the Face of Adversity with Siimon Reynolds

Ep 238: What It Takes To Win Fast in the Face of Adversity with Siimon Reynolds

A father, a husband, son, an incredible business coach, and a business leader who started his first company at just 23 years old — what hasn’t Siimon Reynolds done? He built the 15th biggest marketing services group globally, consisting of over 54 companies in 14 different countries of over 6000 staff, and a recipient of many various awards.

“If I just focus on my excellence, then that’s something you can win every single day, and that’s completely transformed the effectiveness of my life.”

After years of extraordinary business success, he is devoting his life to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, high-level thought leaders, celebrities, billionaires, and people who achieve high-level success through mentoring and coaching.

“If you just do what everybody else thinks takes to be successful, your chances of being successful are really low.”

How does he Win Fast in business and life?

“I was driven by a fear of failure.

Siimon strongly believes that to achieve the external goals, one must first work on his personal development. For him, business is just an instrument that tests your personal development. So even if you hit rock bottom, your go-to place will always be your personal development. It has to be the center of every business people and entrepreneur. 

“So, I say 80% Good, then move on.”

One strategy that works well for him is what he calls the “80% Good Principle”. It’s about getting all things done at an 80% perfection rate than do a thing or two perfectly and leave the other things undone. 

“Look for new things to do, rather than just following the same road.”

“70% of the bad things that have happened to me have been a result of not being organized.”

He got transparent and shared that his lack of organization skills often caused his failures. That’s the beginning of his multi-decade study about productivity, which led him to his newly released book called “Win Fast.”

“It’s in times of stress that a lot of people in business succeed.”

Shifting your focus to things you can control can transform your effectiveness profoundly. It would help if you had a proactive attack on life. A point made that is timely as the world goes through uncertainties brought by COVID, where adversity tested our resiliency. He leaves you with this question — What can you do to make you say, “I did COVID brilliantly.“?


  1. Have a toolbox of mental and productivity tools.
  2. Have a checklist, and make sure to use it each day.


“The more you look at happiness equals progress, the more you see that most of the time, it’s true.”



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