Ep 236: Building 20 Different Businesses and Not Bowing to Bullies with Ron Coury

Ep 236: Building 20 Different Businesses and Not Bowing to Bullies with Ron Coury

Taverns. Restaurants. Luxury limousines. Casinos. Car dealerships. Printing. Wholesale glass and mirror sales. These are just a few of the many business ventures Ron Coury, has built and sold in his lifetime. He started his business career in Las Vegas, Nevada before it resembled the booming tourist hotspot that it is today. In fact, Ron had a hand to play in shaping the city into the “Vegas” we recognize.

“I think it’s unconventional to go into multiple businesses. Most people pick one thing. They may open a landscaping service or open a retail store, they work at all of their lives and then they retire. I think it was a bit unconventional to go into over 20 businesses.”

So how did he do it? How did an ex US marine build an empire in the gambling capital of America?

Find. Your. Niche. 
  1. Identify what’s never been done before or what’s not being done in your city
  2. Do the research
  3. Train yourself
  4. Put that training into motion by opening your business
  5. Build it to the point of being able to hire someone to run it
  6. Then go onto the next challenge

And that is exactly the formula Ron followed, building one business after another. Researching, building, training and then moving onto the next challenge. 

“I saw a town that provided an incredible amount of opportunity for somebody willing to take a shot, work hard, invest their money, and do different things.”

It didn’t come without its challenges. Ron received death threats, ran into corrupt members of the council and law enforcement, and fell ill with cancer.

“If it’s a good idea on Monday, and you invest money in your concept, it’s not any worse an idea on Friday because someone is trying to convince you not to do it. If you did the due diligence and you have a dream, don’t let someone scare you away.”


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