Ep 229: Being an Embodied Money Magnet with Jolie Dawn

Ep 229: Being an Embodied Money Magnet with Jolie Dawn

We’ve all got skeletons in our closets, monsters under our beds. For so many people this particular boogeyman haunts our minds, worries and wallets.

Scarcity mentality.

Oh yeah baby, we’re going there. This is that boogeyman that, for so many, haunts us, guides the decisions we make and shapes the way we care for ourselves and loved ones.

“Scarcity really, long-term, takes a huge toll on the body, contributes to massive amounts of stress and so for me, prosperity is living life in such deep trust with life. To know that you will always have your needs met and to know yourself as the creator as your source to prosperity.”

This week’s Unconventional Life guest, Jolie Dawn, isn’t afraid of people’s scarcity skeletons. In fact, she approaches them with a level of compassion that acknowledges the scarcity, allowing each person to move beyond the place of lack. 

Jolie is a spiritual money-magnet teacher who knows fear is a part of the equation of being a human. Rather than chuck it under the carpet, she believes, “…it’s about understanding how to be in healthy relationship with it instead of being completely swallowed by fear.”

It’s about breaking through the ceiling of what you think is possible. Take a moment to take a mental inventory of how you feel about money.

When you close your eyes and think about money in your life, what emotions arise?

“Being aware of the way that you want it to feel and claiming that as something that is non-negotiable. I would want people to know that they are the creators of their experience with money, no matter the circumstances and to take that power back, because so many of us feel disempowered with money.”

She believes that people have immense power over their financial situation. In fact, she wants people to know how much control they actually have. 

“Wealth is a mindset, affluence is a mindset. It’s a way that you think, it’s a way that you run your energy, it’s a way that you vision your future and there’s no story, there’s no money history that can’t be turned around.”

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This article was written by Olenka Toroshenko

Olenka Toroshenko is a Ukrainian Canadian artist, writer, and producer whose life is in service to a saner, meaningful existence. She is a multidisciplinary performer whose mediums include spoken word poetry, dance, clown, song, and ritual performance art.

Olenka is a Katonah yoga teacher, lifelong student, and lover of coniferous forests. She has worked in news broadcast and politics which have helped shape her understanding of the current cultural paradigm