Ep 225: Dark Consciousness for Dummies w/ Lorna Johnson

Ep 225: Dark Consciousness for Dummies w/ Lorna Johnson

This week’s guest has an unbelievable story. Truly hard to believe. Don’t let your inner critic run wild just yet. For now, just listen. Her story is unusual. It came unannounced and could have you questioning…well, everything.

This podcast is called the Unconventional Life and unconventional she certainly is. This week’s guest Lorna J. brings a twist to the usual line-up of podcast guests in a way that may very well leave you wondering what just happened. I know I did.

Lorna began in corporate America where she built and ran multi-million dollar businesses. She reached the pinnacle of “success” until things came to a screaming halt. When Lorna turned 43 her life, as she knew it, crashed and burned. Her life dismantled starting first with her marriage, then career, motivation, and eventually her mental health. She describes it as a spiritual awakening that took the form of a psychotic break ending with a humbling bipolar diagnosis alongside multiple forms of ADD, suicidal depression, severe mood and anxiety disorder, and PTSD. You name it, she was experiencing it.

Despite being told repeatedly by doctors to take her medication, Lorna, tuned in to an inner voice that told her she could stay present with the experience. And so she did. Amidst a mental health crisis, Lorna started a new business. From this point, she did what could only be described in the past as career suicide–she went live on Facebook to tell the world about her new diagnosis, her choice to remain unmedicated and to notify the world that she was starting a coaching business that was looking for clients.

Unorthodox? Yes. Successful? Definitely. Call her crazy if you may, but it worked. 

If history has taught us one thing, it’s that the people whom society calls “crazy” are presenting a new way of thinking that seems threatening.

Galileo. Einstein. Van Gogh.

“There’s no way that anyone can make me betray myself…and when you get to that point where there is nothing that anyone can say or do that will cause me to turn on me, then, you’re free.” 

Lorna launched her new coaching business in the midst of a climb out of depression and built a one million dollar business in 10 months. She is now CEO and founder of Luxe Godhead, a transformation firm and dark mystery school that recognizes her as a spiritual pioneer. 

“There is a new consciousness landing on the planet and it is a radically, radically different kind of operating system.”

Lorna Johnson. and her fellow Master Code Holders proclaim that “the genius frequency has landed”. 

To break it down, Lorna explains that a new energy or frequency has arrived on planet earth, that is not of this planet, to shift things-drastically. What they call “The end times. The end of the end and the beginning of the beginning”. She is one of a number of people who can learn and communicate with this frequency and subsequently share what she has learned.

For an introduction into Lorna J.’s work, read her book The Dark Secret

To dive deeper into Lorna J.’s work, visit her website Luxe Godhead

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This article was written by Olenka Toroshenko

Olenka Toroshenko is a Ukrainian Canadian artist, writer, and producer whose life is in service to a saner, meaningful existence. She is a multidisciplinary performer whose mediums include spoken word poetry, dance, clown, song, and ritual performance art.

Olenka is a Katonah yoga teacher, lifelong student, and lover of coniferous forests. She has worked in news broadcast and politics which have helped shape her understanding of the current cultural paradigm