Ep 223: Do You Like What You See When You Look in the Mirror? w/ Amilya Antonetti

Ep 223: Do You Like What You See When You Look in the Mirror? w/ Amilya Antonetti

“Social media is such bullshit”, says Amilya Antonetti frankly when speaking about the facades people are posting. This fierce and fiery human behaviorist, turn-around expert, and entrepreneur gives it to us straight with no lace and frills. Founder of the company now known as “Greenworks”, Amylia has built and sold 19 companies. Amilya states that being an entrepreneur requires people to make sacrifices, fail and change what you’re doing, get back up and try again, and again, and again. She is a businesswoman on a mission.

Direct and to the point, Amilya shares with Unconventional Life her suggestions for people during this co-vid time. She hopes that each person takes the time to re-evaluate their lives and offers a simple exercise that will help listeners to identify their purpose.

Amylia’s success was built from the ground up. She started with something as simple as homemade household products. When she launched in the ’80s no major companies were producing products under the eco-friendly model. The result: her child was reacting to the chemical products in her home.

Amylia’s business success story started with homemade soap. It was the allergic reactions of her young son that inspired her beginnings into business. With no idea what she was doing, she accidentally entered into the 190 billion dollar household products industry, revolutionizing it with the introduction of green solutions. She describes this shift as looking at business differently from the old model.

According to her most current business building resources and schools teach a stockholder focused, hierarchical down structure that excludes customers. In her words, “people cannot be expendable”. The old way of business doesn’t work. The old way of working 20-30 years for a pension and then choosing to live your dream isn’t working. She’s been learning from the millennials and generation alpha with whom she works and mentors. Amilya is determined to bring people into the understanding of who they are, what their “why” is and help them to develop their business around that.

Amylia isn’t afraid to tell entrepreneurs one simple fact. When developing your business and it doesn’t work, you learn and grow and pivot and learn and grow and pivot until you find your fit. It’s okay to change, and try another change, and change one more thing and change again. Making mistakes is an inherent part of the process. Her approach to success requires breaking the old conventional mold of business and requires people to re-evaluate their personal operating systems.

“What have you learned about your reflection? Look at who you were just a moment ago and what about you doesn’t work for you any longer?”

In this time of global change, Amylia is asking entrepreneurs to rethink their current life. Maybe you’re giving your talents away to a job that doesn’t appreciate them, maybe you want to be homeschooling but aren’t, maybe you want to cut down on your daily commute. The increased time at home in social isolation has given each individual a chance to do things they enjoy doing. She urges each person to grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconfigure priorities and change the parts of their lives that aren’t working.

Think. Plan. Execute.

Successful people don’t just walk aimlessly into their next idea, they’re pre-meditative. They spend some time thinking about it before they take their first step. Amilya beckons each person to take some time to ask: Who am I? Do I like who I see when I look in the mirror?

The entire world is ready for a new conversation and you’re invited to the table.

Stop Putting Into The World What Isn’t Important – An Exercise

List the 10 people who have the most influence in your life. These are those you rely on for information (ex. Mother, Father, teacher, friend, colleague)
Name the #1 reason you think these people are friends with you
Send an email to those 10 people and ask them, “why do you have me in your life?”

This exercise helps people to discover their “why” and identify the one thing others rely on you for. What purpose you serve and what you bring to others’ lives. This, according to Amylia, will help you to stop putting into the world what isn’t important. Now, let go of what you think you “should” be doing and start living your purpose.

“The more clear you get on what key you’re giving to others that they’re relying on you for, what are you unlocking for them…there’s your business.”

Know what service you provide to those around you. Offer that gift to the world more widely and most importantly, be okay with being different.

Amilya Antonetti & Lisa Thomas (last week’s UL podcast guest) have developed a 5-week program to help individuals release trauma, patterns, and habits that no longer serve them. One lucky listener will win a spot in this 5 week program. You can apply to win here, a winner will be announced next week.

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This article was written by Olenka Toroshenko