Ep: 214 The Superpower of Serendipity with John Storyk

Ep: 214 The Superpower of Serendipity with John Storyk

For most of the guests we bring onto Unconventional Life Show, life doesn’t happen in a seemingly random and disconnected fashion. 

There is an intricate tapestry of events, of interconnecting synchronicities that seem to weave through their lives and bring about the major opportunities, business breakthroughs, and personal growth that they share with our readers.

While it is easy to brush off these events and attribute them to ‘fate’, ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’, there is a commonality in how the events appear and it becomes clear that serendipity is not purely based on any of these factors. It involves a level of awareness of the force that is active, a level of openness to receive the set of events that catapult things into motion. It involves some level of action or willingness to participate from the individual to which it appears.

So how, then, do you harness the force of serendipity in your life, to bring you success, opportunities and help you to navigate the challenging global landscape we find ourselves in currently?  

We caught up with John Storyk to discuss the role of serendipity in his monumental success as a registered architect, musician, acoustician and founding partner of WFDG, and why right now, more than ever before, remaining open to serendipity is important.

John began as a musician who grew his toolbelt from designing his first blues club – never having prior experience – to now having designed some 3500+ world-class audio and visual venues. He attributes his ability to remain open to the forces of serendipity –  “making sure your antennas are absolutely out at all times, ready to receive the coincidental set of events that are constantly happening…”  

We are moving into uncertain territory, with that comes great opportunity

John says “I’m trying to find the excitement in these times, while at the same time like everyone else being somewhat nervous… nobody on the planet that’s alive has seen this playbook…”

There is no doubt that these times are incredibly volatile and uncertain – however, with that volatility and constant flux, there comes many opportunities – “we’re in uncharted territories here and this will have to be solved one person at a time… in their own way”.

Entire industries, jobs, and careers will come out of these times that never existed before – there is a huge push to move things online, for instance. We have the opportunity to be solving problems in creative ways and creating solutions – “this is a great time for creative people to get more creative” – and nobody can say they don’t have an abundance of free time on their hands!

It’s demonstrating how fast things can move

The fast-changing nature of this pandemic shows us how quickly life can change, seemingly overnight, and has highlighted the constant flux of the world. In the same way, it has shown us how quickly things have the potential to change for the better, too.

John believes that you must remain open to catching your big ‘break’, even in these uncertain times, however it may come. “I can’t tell you how to get started, but I can tell you that in the next hour you could be bumping into something that’s going to change your life if you’re ready to make the bump… if you’re ready to listen to somebody… it could happen in the most unexpected ways…” 

Serendipity works in mysterious ways so make sure you’re remaining open to all possibilities!

The current climate is demonstrating our interconnectedness and how we are all in this together

Never before have we had such a deep sense of belonging to a global ‘community’ – this virus does not discriminate based on gender, race, age. We are all in this together, facing the same pandemic. Therefore, humans are all connected to each other in a network and things have the potential to spread, quickly!  

John tells us a story about how one person in a question and answer session bumped ahead of the queue to flag the idea of purchasing a $25 gift card for restaurants affected by the pandemic, and the result of that one person raising that idea if every person in the audience was to go and tell 50 people- “think about the implications of that one serendipitous moment…”

If you consider the networks you now have the ability to reach, you can see how one serendipitous conversation could lead to huge leaps forward, success, or developments. Or to helping to affect and change the world positively right now, in a time we need it more than ever. 

In summary, make sure you are flowing with the changes and remembering that life is “this wild dialogue between planning… and the John Lennon moment where life is what you don’t plan… “


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