EP: 204 What to do When you’re Suffering ‘Next Step’ Paralysis, with Career Strategist Tracy Timm

EP: 204 What to do When you’re Suffering ‘Next Step’ Paralysis, with Career Strategist Tracy Timm

We caught up with Tracy Timm, career strategist, human capital advisor and founder of the Nth Degree Academy which helps individuals achieve at the highest performance levels possible. A Yale graduate with a degree in Behavioural Psychology, having traveled around the world and also having time working on Wall Street under her belt, Tracy’s now unconventional life stemmed from a seemingly “conventional” foundation. 

Tracy talks about the early struggle to release other people’s expectations of what her life should look like and working through her own limiting beliefs of what is possible for her, that “in the absence of having your own certain and clear vision it’s easy to get swept up in whatever’s going on around you.” 

Tracy tells us about the experience of trying to determine what she should do with her life when she had no idea which direction she wanted to take, winding up in Wall Street because it seemed like the right thing to do. She talks about the large degree of questioning herself and asking “is it okay if I don’t want this conveyer-belt life?”. 

How it ultimately took her some time to even realize she was unhappy where she was and lacking the freedom she craved in her lifestyle.

Tracey reminisces on how she was raised as a “black-belt box checker kid” and this drive for perfectionism and impressing others had to be overcome for her to break out of the box personally and professionally and pursue a life less traveled. 

Tracy offers advice for listeners who feel stuck, paralyzed or don’t have a clear ‘next step’ so they don’t experience what she did and feel pressure to follow someone else’s expectations. 

Insight comes from action not thought

“Insight comes from action not thought… you’re not going to force clarity on yourself” Tracy believes. The best way to move forward is to take any action which will cause an internal reaction or a way to come across new information. Even if you’re taking the “wrong” action, it will help you to narrow down what you do want. The Universe reacts when you act… so by taking a simple step you will be shown which direction you need to go in. 

Do an honest and objective life-audit

If you’re struggling to take any step because you’re paralyzed by fear of moving in the wrong direction, then it’s time to get some clarity, according to Tracy. Break down your life into these categories: social, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional and professional. Uncover what is working in your life – maybe it’s a practice you do frequently or one area of your life where you’re thriving. “If you get really clear on what you have foundationally that’s positive, it should relieve some of the anxiety…when our anxiety is relieved then our brain can be more creative” Tracy tells us.

Get super clear on YOUR core values

“What’s so core to you that you can see yourself making a yes or no decision around it?” These are the deep life-defining values that are make or break for you. Tracy uses her core value of ‘freedom’ not being met as an example of why she left Wall Street. These are supposed to be values that you can see yourself making commitments around – that “give you this really beautiful frame for the bare minimum for what you need to be happy and fulfilled in an environment”.  

Tracy believes that if you get clear on what these values are, you will be able to see what in your current life doesn’t stack up and will be guided to the vision for the life you want to create, enabling you to take action towards it. 

She strongly advises that readers don’t get caught up in fear-based decision making and to constantly be re-evaluating and asking yourself if this is what rings true for you and your values and for the vision you have for your life. 


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