EP:201 Navigating the Spiritual Awakening Process with Matt Kahn

EP:201 Navigating the Spiritual Awakening Process with Matt Kahn

To talk openly about a global spiritual awakening a few decades ago would be considered to be extremely taboo. Modalities and ‘woo woo’ practices such as meditation, energy healing, astrology, breathwork, shamanism, and divination were practiced in the outskirts by the minority, and concepts such as wellness, holistic medicine, consciousness, and awakening were ideas exclusively belonging to those on LSD trips at Woodstock. 

The times have changed and all of these terms and practices have been normalized and more readily accepted in the collective consciousness in recent years as we experience a global spiritual awakening, unlike anything the world has ever seen. 

It has been predicted that 2020 is going to bring upon a shift unlike any other, that more and more people will experience the spiritual awakening process that many of our readers (who were in the earlier waves of awakening) are familiar with and have been already navigating for considerable amounts of time. 

We are all collectively awakening at a different level, and it is our responsibility to learn how to navigate our awakenings with love and acceptance, rather than fear and suffering.

It is now more than ever that spiritual teachers, healers, and advocates – that those who have already awakened to some degree – are needed to guide this new wave of people who are soon to be experiencing the very same, and often incredibly tumultuous process. 

We sat down to interview Matt Kahn, spiritual teacher, healer, and author of Whatever Arises, Love That” and Everything is Here to Help You”, in Colorado, about his life purpose and how to peacefully navigate the turbulent spiritual awakening process. 

Matt started his path at the age of 8 when he had his first out of body experience – since then he talks about how his entire life was guided by an intuitive knowing. That “the mysterious intelligence of our inner knowing has been more reliable than anything else in my life.”

It is through this distinct feeling and impulse that he has been guided ever since.

 Matt’s life purpose is dedicated to awaken, activate and heal those going through the global spiritual awakening process that can be notoriously jarring, confusing and isolating. 

To bring understanding and compassion so that those suffering can find solace and assistance. 

The awakening process is both necessary and pinnacle to reaching a higher level of consciousness, but it does not come without its physical and mental challenges. 

According to Matt, the awakening process is bringing the maturity of our soul into our body, “just as a child has to go through growing pains to become an adolescent and an adult, the spiritual journey/the ego goes through an unraveling process”. 

So it is bound to bring a degree of discomfort. 

How to deal with the discomfort of a spiritual awakening

Although it’s tempting to try to fight or run away from these symptoms (such as chronic fatigue or other physical discomforts) or to fixate on the future when you’re “better” and out of the awakening process, Matt does not believe that this is not the answer. 

He believes that rather than escapism, the focus should be on “how can I love myself exactly as I am right now?” and on cultivating greater acceptance of the present moment. 

Instead of waiting for circumstances to improve or other external factors, putting the focus on loving and accepting oneself exactly as you are – “every step forward we take in our spiritual evolution is a chance to become more loving and kind to ourselves than we were ever before”.

Kahn goes on to elaborate that beyond that, “our happiness is not based on what happens to us, but it is totally determined by how much we are loving ourselves every step of the way”.

Practical ways to embody this knowledge 

Matt discusses how most people don’t experience God as a tangible force and wants to offer a tangible practice of love and light. He shares how focusing on the breath is a functional and practical application of the awakening of consciousness. As dedicated and faithful as we are with our breath, we start to experience how dedicated and faithful the universe is at conspiring to bring us what we desire. 

Can you just spend a moment with your breath? How much of your day do you spend consciously breathing? 

It’s impossible to judge and focus on breathing at the same time. It’s impossible to worry and focus on breathing. Instead of trying to ‘fix’ the fear or judgment, choose to be with your breath and then the patterns of fear and judgment disappear. 

Set the intention that “I’m deliberately taking the opportunity to breathe for all the people in the world who do not consciously breathe” and allow yourself to simply be with and experience the divine connection.

Doing your own part to begin to help or heal the planet

Matt talks about doing whatever you can to help those in your own personal network – even if it’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling everyone in your address book just to tell them you love them. Or helping somebody less fortunate than you, living in poverty. Matt believes that if we just use what we have access to, we’re going to find a lot of things energetically turning around. 

Most importantly, walking the true spiritual path is not about being concerned about other people’s opinions or perceptions. It’s not about the ‘show’ or spiritual bypassing. 

“If you’re truly on your spiritual path, you’re not aware of who isn’t. You’re doing it on behalf of all.” he believes. It’s about having an innate knowing deep within that when you heal yourself, you heal the world, that “it only takes one being to fully awaken in consciousness to transform an entire planet.” 

And this is the reason why this massive global shift is occurring, as more and more people choose the path of consciousness, healing and personal growth. 

How are you awakening into 2020?


If you are interested in the work Matt does, about your own spiritual awakening or just want to learn more, make sure you check out his latest book “Universe Always Has a Plan: The 10 Golden Rules to Letting Go” where he shows you how to unlock emotional freedom and guides you along your spiritual path. It will be available to purchase from March 24th, 2020 via Amazon.

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