EP: 199 Becoming Limitless with Business Coach and Jedi, Gavin Dantez

EP: 199 Becoming Limitless with Business Coach and Jedi, Gavin Dantez

If you knew that you had the capacity to be, do, have anything that you wanted in this life – how would your current life stack up? 

What would it take for you to boldly follow your dreams and strive to live your life to its full potential?”

While for some of us it takes a near-death experience to shake us to our core and ask the big questions of life like “what is my purpose here?” and “is there more?”, for others, the catalyst for personal growth and change need not be so dramatic. 

When we begin to ask ourselves the right questions and diligently seek the answers, we are catapulted into a journey of personal and professional growth. 

We begin to notice the synchronicities, the intricate tapestry that becomes our mission and purpose on this planet.

We begin to realize that as humans we have the capacity to program ourselves to become limitless.

So many success stories are popping up in the entrepreneurial world that seem to be built on the very same foundations and principles. That were born out of the realization that we are playing small in our own lives. 

What are the foundations for success? 

What are the secrets that successful entrepreneurs share that have enabled them to reach such rapid results in their businesses, their happiness, and their personal development?

We caught up with entrepreneur Gavin Dantez in Canggu, Bali to discuss his journey to success, building a business that hit the 3 million dollar mark in its first year, the challenges he faced and the mechanics behind becoming limitless. Gavin’s catalyst for growth and journey to transformation came from a near-death experience when he was 22. At the time he was selling weed, unhealthy, unhappy and ultimately resigned to the fact that ‘this was it for him’. His near-death experience plunged him headfirst into a quest to discover his true potential, scratch the itch that he was here for something bigger and to get the most out of life that he possibly could. Like so many in the personal development and coaching worlds, Gavin started his journey via the fitness and personal training route.

It was through his observations of clientele at his gym that he uncovered subtle differences between those who met their goals and those who did not.

Today, Gavin teaches people how to use the core principles he uncovered in these observations to reach their full potential in his online program “Limitless”. Gavin believes that “our brains are computers and we have to be computer hackers”. He discusses how our brains can similarly be used against us by clever marketing which takes into account how our brain functions. He urges people to learn how your brain actually functions and processes information, that this is the key to unlocking your potential. That given the right manual to this powerful supercomputer, you are able to use it to do whatever you desire – the example he uses is being able to recite 100 numbers he’d written on a board using a simple memory technique that enables him to access his brain’s full potential.    

“You are so damn powerful and if you learn how to hack into your own mind, then you’re going to be even more powerful.” 

What does this mean in a practical sense and how can you use this knowledge to learn new skills rapidly, rewire your brain and transform the aspects of your ego/personality that hold you back from reaching your full potential?

Supercharge your learning using the Rapid Feedback Loop

Gavin talks about the immediate speed of implementation and that the focus should be on ‘transformation not information’. He discusses a rapid feedback loop. That those who have been able to successfully and quickly learn new skills or grow on a personal level share the same process. That consuming information and knowledge are not as powerful if there isn’t an immediate implementation of the knowledge or learning. 

Practically this means that as soon as you learn something, you need to be out there practicing it in a tangible, physical sense. 

That the fastest way to become proficient in something or rewire your brain is to take that new information and consolidate it in a practical way. 

Know (in detail) what you wish to create

Gavin also discusses the concept of the law of attraction laid out by the famous book “The Secret”, that we become what we think about most of the time. He encourages you to do things like write out – in detail – what your perfect day would look like in order to clarify your values; who you want to spend your time with, what your passions are, what you want to contribute, what you want to spend your time doing, what kind of person you would like to be. To clarify what it is you want to create – with no limitations or restrictions – so you can be shown the steps to create it. 

Know Thyself

He also introduces the principle of “know thyself” – uncover your personality type, how you operate, your belief systems, your strengths, your skill-sets, your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself about your set point (where you are currently) so you can discover the steps you will need to take to get you to where you want to be. Some tests that were discussed were: 16 personalities.com and Strengthfinders 2.0

“We need to know exactly where we are right now in a very realistic standpoint and then we can evolve and change…. We need to know our strengths so we know what we need to focus on and what we can outsource.”


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Find out more about how you can hack your own brain to its full potential here.To follow more of Gavin’s story and teachings check him out on Youtube or on Instagram @gavindantez