Join us for the business accelerator of a lifetime as we embark on an epic luxury cruise of the Nile river. This 5-day, 4-night Unconventional Life hivemind is a vortex of high-powered networking, inspired action, creative rejuvenation, and intimate connection.

  • Create breakthrough results in your business and life
  • Network with international leaders from on a bucket-list Egyptian backdrop
  • Unleash your creative expression and take rapid action on what matters to you
  • Push the upper limit of your growth and expand into the next version of your leadership
  • Elevate your brand through strategic connections and concrete tools
  • Electrify your energy with the force of epic adventure and community
  • Unblock any sh** in your way to achieving your most aligned “HELL YES” future vision
  • Surround yourself with humans that uplift and inspire you

Unconventional Life is a sought-after live experience for entrepreneurs, influencers, professional athletes, creatives and thought leaders from all over the world.

There’s a reason we were rated the #1 event for entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine— our unique methodology creates a cellular shift that elevates the way you show up in every domain of your life.

It all started when founder Jules Schroeder awoke with the words “Bali” on her tongue. In less than two months, she sold out her first event, and Unconventional Life community was born. Jules is a master event facilitator, real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and host of the Unconventional Life Show podcast. Our events have made waves all over the world including: Nicaragua, Croatia, Bali, Italy, South Africa, and Fiji.  

We curate on the Mutual F*** YEAH

We consistently attract industry leaders who trust us to bring together groups of fellow, high-caliber trailblazers. We personally speak to each attendee to ensure that each participant is a match for the container, and only extend invites when there is a 10/10 mutual alignment. Every attendee arrives ready to catapult their success in every life area: relationships, health, business/money, and connection to passion and purpose.  

We Value Energetic Integrity

We believe that event facilitation is an art that requires intuition, execution, and masterful energetic holding of the container.  We meticulously craft every detail—including the land, the food, the guest list, and the facilitation team.  That’s why we’re known for creating the space for rapid results and quantum breakthroughs.  

We Believe Event Facilitation Is An Art Form

Our genius is getting strangers to cut through the small talk and develop meaningful connections in short periods of time. As soon as you arrive, you’ll receive a connection card with 3 names of people we believe hold a key to your success. We’ll personalize your experience so you meet people who will move the needle for you in your life and business. 

We prioritize Local Communities

At every venue we hold events – from Bali, Nicaragua, Italy, Croatia, Fiji, to South Africa – we incorporate local culture into the experience. We don’t stay at chain hotels and support local artisans in the fair trade manufacturing of our event swag.

Take a Peek Inside the Magic of our Events

Feel the Unconventional Life spirit through the spoken words of our founder, Jules Schroeder. 

Filmed at our 2022 Unconventional Life event on a super yacht in Croatia.


Jules Schroeder

Creator of Unconventional Life, a bucket list events company and top-ranked podcast for entrepreneurs that features the stories of millennials living from this new paradigm. 

Michael Shaun Conaway

Michael Shaun Conaway is the founder of five highly successful ventures. He is an award-winning filmmaker, editing publisher of PROOF magazine, founder of NOW, a entrepreneur education platform, CEO of Storyworks, a social impact creative agency, and the non-profit Generative Futures initiative.

Isabelle Tierney

Creator of The Feel Good Life Methodology, an international speaker, corporate consultant, teacher, and licensed therapist who has taught thousands of people to manage stress and choose how they show up in their lives.

Alex Melnyk

Alex Melnyk is the President of Storyworks, a social impact creative agency helping brands grow purpose, profit and impact.  Alex has a fierce passion for elevating the work of women entrepreneurs who are solving for a sustainable, equitable and just world.

Ronja Sebastian

Creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, The Deep Women Immersion & the 22 Minutes of Bliss Experience. 

Gabriel Rima

Creator of the Flow Dojo & Co-Founder of Elemental Evolved Masculine. Writer, Speaker, Poet AKA Zen Tempest.

Ivan Rose Potter

Creator of Rose N’ Potter Education, Ivan Rose is a visionary artist that awakens the inner child where spiritual and financial generational sovereignty can co-exist and co-create together in complete peace and harmony.

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia Salas Kastilio is an Earth Steward, Crypto Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine’s top 27 Women to Change the World. & Hackernoon one of the top 16 Women in the NFT space.

7:30 AM
Morning Movement
Join us for yoga, meditation, and other dynamic exercises, or sleep in!

12:00 PM
Connection and Relaxation
Dip in the jacuzzi, enjoy the Egyptian landscapes, and get to know friends from all over the world.

4:00 PM
Explore & Adventure
Unconventional Life takes place all over the world. Experience the rich local culture with an amazing pre-planned cultural excursion with the group.

9:00 AM
Indulge a healthy breakfast cooked by your in-house chef.

1:00 PM
Enjoy a full service, delicious, and energizing lunch buffet!

7:00 PM
Gather around for traditional meals inspired by the local cuisine.

10:00 AM
Content Sessions
Learn life-altering strategies from successful practitioners who are putting them into practice today.

2:30 PM
Content Sessions
Enjoy the second segment of content for the day!

9:00 PM
Evening Fun
Bond with fellow attendee and enjoy some time to unwind.


Bestselling author, political activist, and spiritual thought leader

Living an unconventional life is waking up every day, and doing it your way. What feels good to you. When I turned 50, a friend of mine said to me 50 Is the age past which you don’t care what other people think anymore. Not only do you not care, you have to do it your way. It’s like the meaning of success. Going back to radical truth telling is unconventional, because the conventional conversation is not radical and not particularly truthful.


Author, speaker, consultant and Hollywood film producer

Unconventional life is being bold enough to lay down the stories that don’t serve you, not worrying about other people’s expectations or judgments, being kind and caring toward yourself. So you can be kind and caring toward others. Trust that you know what’s best for you. And the difference between what belongs to you and what doesn’t is self love. Because the absence of that diminishes and keeps so much humanity in check. Know your truth and live life on your own terms. And invest heavily, like really heavily in your friends and your relationships in the work that feels deeply aligned and significant in your health and well-being. 


Best-selling author, sought after speaker, and a master thought leader, founder of PAX Programs.

An unconventional life would be a life that doesn’t have the word “because I am this way, because of what happened to me, I was born this way because of a religion would be right” instead of “what I’ve invented myself, I’ve created myself, I have chosen to be this person, I’ve chosen this life.” And it might look conventional to somebody else. But if you chose every part of it, which is actually the definition of exquisite, carefully chosen, it’s the definition mix. You choose every part of your life and it will be exquisite. And that is unconventional. Most people’s lives are a mishmash.


Singer-songwriter and guitarist

Unconventional life is kind of like the forbidden, or a pressure of what’s right and what’s wrong and pressure of how we are supposed to live our lives. And that pressure is created by people in power or media or Instagram, Facebook, etc. So I think, the unconventional life is the life of I guess — freedom, like it’s forbidden. I don’t think that those words are quite honest and fair to say that it’s permitted and stuff like this. It really represents to me a life of uniqueness and a life of a centricity, a life of freedom, growth, and self sovereignty.


The founder of #1 motivation website

Living an unconventional life really means being unreasonable, breaking the rules, because you know, the rules are shithouse. And that for us to move forward as a human race and to innovate and to create new things, we have to shatter old paradigms. I’m huge on this. I like, I live and breathe this, like my life has absolutely changed. And I’ve just seen so many people that break the rules that are now just moving mountains. So living an unconventional life is so damn necessary for each and every individual.


Founder, The Female Entrepreneur Association

“Living an Unconventional Life means being able to do the things I want to do when I want to do them. It means having the freedom to turn my ideas into reality and to live a wildly successful life. It’s awesome.”​


In Egypt, you’ll be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the person speaking.  That’s because we attract some of the world’s most amazing leaders, thinkers and doers.

Get ready to redefine your experience of networking by forging raw, strong bonds in an adventurous paradise setting. This once-in-a-lifetime event is your success launchpad— fueled by inspiration, connection, and epic collaboration.


You have a nagging internal knowing that you are ready for big creation. You can already see yourself in the future…thriving, leading a community you built, impacting others, and standing in your self-expression.

That feeling will only get louder if you ignore it.  Acknowledging your desire for more— and taking action on it— initiates the velocity of transformation and ignites your future in ways you can’t even conceptualize in this moment.

See yourself there— with the island breeze on your skin, the sun entering each pore, held by a team of world-renowned business, lifestyle, and relationship practitioners all advocating for your vision to come to life.

Your body vibrates with the expansive, internal harmony of clear direction and aligned purpose. You are refreshed, inspired, and buzzing with possibility.

That future is waiting for you in Egypt if you choose it.

Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, Egypt holds the key to the magic your soul is already begging you to express. 




In Egypt, you’ll unleash your innate creative superpowers and join a global community of change-makers and visionaries. In this Egyptian vortex, you’ll get the codes to leverage business to build global impact. Take the first step towards your new future by applying for your invite below. 


(All you have to do is show up)

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Enjoy healthy, local and traditional Egyptian food to accommodate any dietary needs. You will appreciate the scents from the garden as you enjoy fresh and flavorful cooking.

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 5.18.53 PM


Did we mention it’s on a 5-star luxury cruise boat?!? We offer both shared and private cabins and multiple ammenties on a fully serviced Nile experience. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 5.13.49 PM


Venture into the rich local culture on our all inclusive pre-planned cultural excursions in Egypt. Immerse yourself in the local culture and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.