EP:197 Bio-hack your way to mental and physical evolution, with physique transformation specialist,Kris Gethin

EP:197 Bio-hack your way to mental and physical evolution, with physique transformation specialist,Kris Gethin

For many, exercise is an activity that you embark on to improve your physical appearance. Most people hit the gym when they notice their clothes fitting a little tighter, or before a beach vacation.  The interesting shift here is that more and more people are becoming motivated to exercise because of health benefits.  People are wanting to feel good, not just look good. In reality, only when we feel good are we able to look good too. 

Enter “Biohacking”

Biohacking is a recent buzzword that has hit mainstream media. Biohacking refers to the science of altering aspects within your body and environment so you can take full charge of your biology. Simply put, Biohacks are techniques that help you to figure out what your body needs to perform optimally so that you feel energized, productive and overall be the best version of yourself. 

Jules Schroeder got a hold of Kris Gethin to shine more light on the important factors to take into account when you embark on the journey to healthy eating and physical activity and ultimately live your best life!  

Kris is an internationally renowned physique transformation specialist, founder of the DP training method and a spokesmodel for bodybuilding.com. He is the author of the book Man of Iron and also the cofounder of Gethin gyms.  Kris’ expertise in this field makes him a perfect fit to discuss with us the facts associated with exercise and healthy eating.

Step 1 – Clean eating

What you fuel your body with has an ENORMOUS impact on how you feel. Just as putting the wrong fuel into your car will damage its engine, eating food filled with GMO’s, artificial flavoring, high sugar and meat with antibiotics will leave you feeling lethargic.  Kris says, “ good food will ensure that you have friendly bacteria to boost your immune system.” Organic foods contain prebiotic and probiotic substances which are substances that help the body to build and maintain healthy bacteria. These friendly bacteria aid the body with digestion, inflammation, and support gut health, an imbalance of this bacteria could make you feel lethargic, angry or anxious ”

Eating healthy wholesome food that is local, organic and free-range builds a solid foundation for a high-performance lifestyle.  In the beginning, sayin’ no to that bag of chips, ice cream or whatever your junk food kryptonite is hard but trust that the process will become more effortless and simply apart of your daily routine. 

Step 2 – Individualize your routine

Find a routine that works for YOU. Maybe you like to work- out first thing in the morning or meal prep on a specific day. A routine that works well for a friend or influencer doesn’t mean it will work for you. So this will take some digging and trial and error to discover how you can make this lifestyle change fit your schedule. 

Kris advises that you should observe certain aspects of daily routine to make sure your body is getting what it needs to thrive. His clients receive full body check-ups so that they can understand what is happening under the surface. For instance, you might assume that taking a specific supplement will have a positive effect when in reality it could be the cause of the inflammation present in your liver, say’s Kris. In such a case the liver becomes overworked because it cannot process the supplements. This can easily be avoided by a simple checkup and pretesting, which may include blood tests, food sensitivity tests, and routine check-ups with your medical or holistic Doctor. 

Step 3 – Reconnect with Nature 

Do your cardio outside where you will get the chance to be in the sunshine and reconnect with the earth. Leave your phone at home. Simply go outside and listen to the sound of your breath, your feet, your body. 

When you take this intentional space for yourself, free from social distractions, you give yourself space to “hear your own voice.” You will notice that you become more present in conversations, in training, and your creative ideas in your business.

Once you have mastered the 3 steps above and are wanting to be a Biohacking Ninja you can check out these additional Bio-hacking practices that are apart of Kris’s daily routine.  

  • Ice baths
  • Gym Training
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Drinking Myotoxin free coffee
  • Laying on the Bio Balance matt
  • Red light therapy
  • And of course, working from his desktop treadmill.

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