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What Digital Nomads Know That You Don’t (Yet)

This is what my life looks like. I work from my computer wherever and whenever I have wifi. I choose to be on the move constantly, travelling to as many places and experiencing as many things as I can. A few weeks ago, I was hiking a glacier in Iceland. Today, I was skiing in… Colorado. In a few days, …

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One Trait Top Millennial Performers Have In Common

“Living an Unconventional Life means being the blind man or woman wandering around in life eyes closed so that we can see clearly where we are going because we’re navigating with our heart. Breaking normal, being our unapologetic weird selves.”

JP Sears
Youtuber, Author & Speaker, 100M+ Views, 1M+ Following

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7 Ways To Know If You’re On The Right Career Path

“Living on Unconventional Life means moving purely based on your soul, on the instructions personally placed inside your soul from the Universe or God and doing it regardless of
absolutely anything.”

Peta Kelly
Founder Global Millennial Movement “The New Way”

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3 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Advance Their Career in 2017

“When you’re living the Unconventional Life you’re not willing to let others who have come before you dictate what is gonna come before you. You can write your own path, you don’t need to be swept up in the river current of life”

John Lee Dumas
Founder Entrepreneur On Fire, 2M Monthly Listeners